Jamie Discala

Biography I graduated High School in 1977 and College in 1981 I have a degree in English Literature. I was a Marine for 6 years before becoming a Police Officer.
i was with the NYPD for 20 years and I retired as a Detective Lieutenant in a Brooklyn Detective Squad. I have been retired now for almost 14 years. Since then I have worked as a linecook and baker in several eateries in NYC.
I have also Been a customer service rep at Macys in Herald Square and Wholefoods Market in Bryant Park NYC.
Currently I work as a Library Page in The Stephen Schwartzman Building at the main Library located at 42 street and 5th Ave in Manhattan. I still cook on the weekends from time to time. I have three grown children and a number of annoying pets .
Interests I really enjoy reading and learning new things. I love animals and Its for sure that every Squirrel and most of the birds in my back yard know me quite well. I have 7 chickens , 2 dogs and 2 cats. One day some years back a baby Squirrel fell off of my garage and was injured . I took her in and we eventually became great friends. I made a door for her and she came in and out of the house at will. My Little Annunziatta passed away last year of natural causes.
IdeasI had this Idea of creating an app for people who eat dinner alone a lot but dont really like too. I would call it Dinner Party and each user would be able to create a profile and when they found themselves in need of company for dinner they could go onto the app and see who else in the area was in the same boat. Of course in their profile they would talk about their interests and foods they liked etc. This way they can be assured of a pleasant dinner and good company. Also Groups of people could get together and have dinner or even breakfast and lunch together. I went to London a couple of years ago by myself and I ate at some nice restaurants and enjoyed some good coffee shops but I felt that it would be nice to have some company for dinner. I dont know it I will ever get the app going, it can be expensive to start something like that but who knows. :)


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